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Light Flower


Fallen Leaf

A fallen leaf. Shot in November.

Cloudy Field

A yellow field, with a bright blue sky and white puffy clouds. Shot in November.

The Path Less Traveled

A hiking path in Ontario

Fiery Sky

HDR photo of a pond at sunrise.

Pond Sunrise

Nice clouds over a pond at sunrise

River Rocks

Rocks in the Ottawa river in the morning

Remembrance Day

Another shot of the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa.

November 11th, the day to remember everyone who has fought for your country in times of war and protected it in times of peace. Please take a moment and think about everything they have done for our country and the world.


National War Memorial

The National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa

Day of Purple

The seams and folds of a purple shirt

Today is a day of purple. On this day, people are asked to wear purple to support anti-bullying. Thank you to all of those who have spread the message around, wore purple today, or even just took the time to think about lives lost.


There are quite a few days like this, spaced all across the year. This day however, was put in place to commemorate the deaths of students who took their own lives due to bullying. Everyone must make sure that bullying will no longer be tolerated. Homophobia must be stopped or else we could lose many amazing and brilliant people. We can not simply let this and all types of bullying continue. This post should serve as a reminder of the incredible people who have been subjected to homophobic bullying and took their lives due to it. May they rest in peace.